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We offer the basic liquefied gas calculations for free via the LoadGeni online gas calculator. Get your data ready and receive clear results on the common liquefied gas calculations. Our calculator makes performing LNG density calculations, LNG gross heating value and wobbe index calculations, LNG methane number calculations and LNG Energy unit conversions easy and standardized.

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New to liquefied gas

Are you new and not sure what liquefied gas includes? We are happy to explain you all about LNG and LPG in the following articles. Let us guide you in understanding everything you need to know about liquefied gas.

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What is liquefied gas?

Liquefied gas is a combined name for all products that are gaseous in atmospheric pressure and temperature. These gasses are kept as a liquid in a closed gas handling system by use of low temperature or high pressure. Liquefied Gas is commonly separated in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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LNG as fuel

Huge changes are taking place in the maritime industry. Vessels have to comply with new IMO regulations against air pollution. Therefore a large amount of new build vessels no longer sail on heavy fuel oil but they are fuelled by liquefied natural gas (LNG). So although you are not shipping LNG, basic knowledge is recommended as you are using LNG as a fuel. The difference between conventional fuel is that LNG has methane as its main component which is kept at very low temperatures.

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The vision of LoadGeni

LoadGeni is not just a company focussing on any part of the maritime market. LoadGeni is specialised in the niche of liquefied gas shipping.
From first-hand experience the LoadGeni team knows how specific liquefied gas handling is on board of gas tankers. During the time that our co-founder worked on liquefied gas tankers he noticed that the work of LNG and LPG gas handling should be optimised. While still in the development stage, the LoadGeni team realised that only a liquefied gas software platform would not be enough to optimise the LNG and LPG workflow on vessels.

The biggest factor of mistakes made on board of gas tankers is the human factor. That is why LoadGeni created a complete package of services for the maritime liquefied gas shipping industry. We offer standardized calculation software and online training courses to educate the crew of the gas tankers and office personnel involved with gas tankers.
The practical LNG and LPG courses connect to the easy workflow of the LoadGeni gas handling software platform. In this way the vision of LoadGeni is to deliver an all in one service which brings shipping personnel and workflows on board of liquefied gas tankers or liquefied gas fuelled vessels to higher levels. gebruikt cookies

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