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LNG/LEG/LPG Shipping

Ships transport million tons of liquefied gas (LNG, LEG and LPG) around the globe on a daily basis. These ships operate on the highest technological and safety standards. However, these high standards do (often) not apply to cargo monitoring and cargo calculation systems. The lack of standardisation results in frustration to the crew, human errors and loss of time, result in financial loss for both the shipping companies as their clients.

Cargo calculation standardisation

Different methods are used for liquefied gas cargo calculations. The most common way of calculating is by homemade and uncontrolled Excel sheets. This is where the problem begins. These sheets can contain mistakes due to programming faults, non-awareness of calculation methods and tempering with the data. Further are (mostly) all cargo data and cargo documents created in a non-standardised system and are never reviewed after the voyages. Silly mistakes are unavoidable, resulting in loss of time and high unnecessarily costs. LoadGeni. acknowledges this problem and offers a solution!


LoadGeni. optimises all cargo related data in a low cost software solution on board of gas tankers. The complete cargo handling process is covered in four parts of the LoadGeni. program:
  • Cargo preparations
  • Cargo documents
  • Cargo calculations
  • Cargo monitoring
Using LoadGeni. on every individual ship of the fleet will make work on-board more efficient, with less mistakes resulting in time and cost reductions. At the same time the onshore office can keep track of all the cargo with a blink of the eye, made possible through to low bandwidth data synchronisation.
LoadGeni. preparations
Loadgeni. makes the preparations for the cargo process standard and more easy. All forms that are required by the oil majors for the preparation of the cargo handling processes are available as a template for the officers on board to make the job easier.

LoadGeni. documents
LoadGeni. offers easy to use templates for all common legal documents. Ensuring access to up-to-date legally correct documents any time and anywhere.

LoadGeni. calculations
LoadGeni. calculates all cargo related measurements according a standardised and tested calculation format for each vessel within the fleet. Calculations will be correct, easy to make and recognisable for officers, surveyors and terminal personal.

LoadGeni. monitoring
LoadGeni. will monitor the cargo conditions before, during and after the voyage. Making it a piece of cake to analyse the performance of the cargo systems and save time.

LOADGeni. for your ships?
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The start-up

LoadGeni. is an ambitious start up and is looking for companies to collaborate with. The pre-developing phase is completed and a demo application is ready to show the possibilities of LoadGeni. The needs and wishes for the application are currently further investigated through interviews with people from the workfield. Interested in our demo or how LoadGeni. can put the genius into your gas loading? Get in contact for a noncommittal business talk.

Future for LoadGeni.

The first LoadGeni. version will be up and running soon. For the perfect and optimal solution LoadGeni. is looking for companies who want to participate in the development phase. Experience by experiments is the best way to come to the perfect LoadGeni. solution. Eventually every fleet worldwide can profit from the benefits of a perfect Loadgeni.

Why LoadGeni

With over five years of sailing experience on LNG, LEG and LPG tankers the team behind LoadGeni. knows what is going on in this specific field. Working with unstandardized Excel sheets on a daily basis has led to the idea LoadGeni. The main goal is to improve and simplify the complete cargo management with deduction of errors. With hands on experience and the knowledge about the real working situation LoadGeni. will turn into the perfect software solution.

Lennart & Per

The creators behind LoadGeni. are chief officer Per Groeneveld, with more than 5 year experience on different kind of gas tankers, and senior developer Lennart Poot, with more than 15 year of software development experience. Two Dutchies at the top of their own expertise who combined their strength and started LoadGeni.
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