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Logo the start-up

The start-up

LoadGeni is an ambitious start up and is looking for companies to collaborate with. The pre-developing phase is completed and the first version of the software application is ready to be launched on the first vessels. The needs and wishes for the application are constantly investigated and updated in the system. Interested in a demo or how LoadGeni can put the genius into your gas loading? Get in contact for a noncommittal business talk.

Logo future of LoadGeni

Future of LoadGeni

The first LoadGeni software version is tested during the biggest LNG bunker transfer operations in the world. For the perfect and optimal solution LoadGeni is looking for companies who want to participate in the development phase. Experience by experiments is the best way to come to the perfect LoadGeni solution. Eventually every fleet worldwide can profit from the benefits of LoadGeni.

Logo why loadgeni

Why LoadGeni

With many years of sailing experience on LNG, LEG and LPG tankers the team behind LoadGeni. knows what is going on in this specific field. Working with non-standardised Excel sheets on a daily basis has led to the idea LoadGeni. The main goal is to improve and simplify the complete cargo management with deduction of errors. With hands on experience and the knowledge about the real working situation LoadGeni is the perfect software solution.

Logo founders

The founders

The creators behind LoadGeni are chief officer Per Groeneveld, with more than eight year experience on different kind of gas tankers, and senior developer Lennart Poot, with over 15 year of software development experience. Two Dutchies at the top of their own expertise who combined their strengths and started LoadGeni.

Portrait of founder Per Groeneveld

Per Groeneveld

Maritime specialist
Portrait of founder Lennart Poot

Lennart Poot

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