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LNG/LEG/LPG Shipping

Cargo ships transport million tons of liquefied gas (LNG, LEG and LPG) around the globe on a daily basis and more and more vessels use LNG as a fuel. All these ships operate on the highest technological and safety standards. However, these high standards do (often) not apply to liquefied gas monitoring and liquefied gas calculation systems. The lack of standardisation results in frustration of the crew, human errors and the loss of time. The result is a financial loss for both the shipping companies and their clients. LoadGeni’s aim is to eliminate all human errors in gas handling for ever, creating a standardised process for the industry.

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Cargo calculations standardisation

Different methods are used for liquefied gas cargo calculations. The most common way of calculating is by homemade and uncontrolled Excel sheets. This is where the problem begins. These sheets can contain mistakes due to programming faults, non-awareness of calculation methods and tempering with the data. Further are all cargo data and cargo documents (mostly) created in a non-standardised system and are never reviewed after the voyages. Silly mistakes are unavoidable, resulting in loss of time and high unnecessarily costs. LoadGeni acknowledges this problem and offers the solution!

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LoadGeni software

LoadGeni optimises all liquefied gas handling related data in a low-cost software solution on board of gas tankers and LNG fuelled vessels.
The complete liquefied gas handling process is covered in four parts of the LoadGeni program:

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LoadGeni makes the preparations for the gas handling process standard and easier. All forms that are required for the preparation of the cargo handling processes by the oil majors are available as a template for the officers on board. LoadGeni makes the job on board of gas vessels easier and faster.

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LoadGeni calculates all liquefied gas related measurements according a standardised and tested calculation format for each vessel within the fleet. Calculations will be correct, easy to make and recognisable for officers, surveyors and terminal personal.

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LoadGeni offers easy to use templates for all common legal documents used during the voyage. Ensuring access to up-to-date legally correct documents anytime and anywhere resulting in less mistakes.

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LoadGeni is monitoring the liquefied gas conditions before, during and after the voyage. Making it a piece of cake to analyse the performance of the liquefied gas handling systems and improve the performance.

Using LoadGeni on every individual ship of the fleet will make work on-board more efficient, with less mistakes resulting in time and cost reductions. At the same time the onshore office can keep track of all the liquefied gas with a blink of the eye, made possible through to low bandwidth data synchronisation.

Free online gas calculator by LoadGeni

We offer the basic liquefied gas calculations for free via the LoadGeni online gas calculator. Get your data ready and receive clear results on the common liquefied gas calculations. Our calculator makes performing LNG density calculations, LNG gross heating value and wobbe index calculations, LNG methane number calculations and LNG Energy unit conversions easy and standardized.

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Three types of onboard applications

LoadGeni software is focussed on three types of liquefied gas handling operations to create the best experience for all type of users.

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Liquefied Gas tankers

LoadGeni software for liquefied gas tankers is the most comprehensive version of our software. Giving these vessels all functionalities to improve the complete liquefied gas handling from the beginning to the end of the voyage. LNG bunker supply vessels are also seen as liquefied gas tankers and have all functionalities including specific LNG fuel bunkering documentation.

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LNG fuelled vessels

LoadGeni software has a special version for the usage on board of LNG fuelled vessels. This version is fully focussed on LNG bunkering and LNG fuel monitoring during the LNG fuel bunker operation and normal fuel gas operations. LoadGeni offers the crew and office a clear overview of the gas fuel data to make the right decisions.

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LoadGeni for surveyors makes it very easy for the liquefied gas cargo surveyors to check the liquefied gas quantities transferred during a liquefied gas loading, discharging or LNG bunkering operation. The standardisation of LoadGeni makes the job of the surveyor much more effective.

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Onshore management

All documents and data made onboard the liquefied gas vessels is synchronised with the office when the vessel has a low bandwidth connection. The office personal is able to review all official documents and control the efficiency of the liquefied gas vessels.

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